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Leivonmäki is located in Joutsa municipality in Central Finland region. It is a small and safe village by the E4. We offer a peaceful home for families and a variety of free time activities. The drive to Jyväskylä is thanks to the renewed E4 quick and the location of the village is practical also for companies.

Leivonmäki has population of around 400 and we welcome you to join us whether you came just for a visit or to stay and live in our village. You can find more information on our apartment and lot selection from Joutsa municipality. The municipality has to offer good and affordable lots to build on for instance for families with small children close to the school, hockey rink and other sport facilities. Under zoning are also some lots by the lake Rutajärvi in Niinniemi area.

Leivonmäki is famous for its national park where beautiful nature characterized by mires and eskers scenery invites you to stop at one of the designated campfire sites by water or to wander throughout the park along variety of hiking trails.

More information on the Leivonmäki National Park can be here (National Park)


Local business

Leivonmäen Teboil is service station with a restaurant, a fast food selection and petrol station services. In addition you can buy beer and groceries. Close-by Leivonmäen Rengashalli offer car and tire repair services. If you in a need of a taxi, call either Kyytiässä Kalevi Heinonen or Juha Hauvala. For bigger groups contact Tilausliikenne Anssi Mäkinen for transport by a bus.

In the center of the village you can find a pharmacy, a massage parlour and a hairdresser all in the same building.



Leivonmäki National Park is naturally the most popular attraction in the area. In Rutalahti village you can visit Koskikaran kierros which is short trail with an access and link to the national park. From Kuhasenmäki or outskirts of Mire Haapasuo you can find observation towers offering fantastic views over the surrounding area. Maahisen Muki and Mela is business offering excursion and accommodation services in the National Park area.

Besides the National Park other local attraction include Kotiseututalo Simola (Local community house) and an unconventional church designed by architect Erkko Virkkunen in the centre of the village; Mäkiahon Juustola, a farm producing delicious cheese products and Tommola’s Plant and Berry Farm in Etu-Ikola; Röykkälä Sheep Farm that also offers accommodation services in Kivisuo, in Savenaho you can buy arts and crafts from Leivonlinna and in Rutalahti you can visit and buy locally produced grain products from Rutalahti Mill. Teuvo Savolainen manufactures traditional knives and its possible by organising beforehand to visit his studio either to see the manufacturing process or to attend a workshop on how to make a knive.

Municipality maintained beach can be found in Harjulahti close to the National Park.


Local services

-          Shopping and attractions

o   Teboil Leivonmäki

Service station: café/restaurant, Rolls fast food, beer and grocery sales, petrol

Address: Kangastie 1, 41770 Leivonmäki

o   Toivakka pharmacy

Address: Leivonmäentie 16, 41770 Leivonmäki

o   Leivonlinna Oy

Café and gift shop selling arts and craft by E4.

Address: Valtatie 1681, 41770 Leivonmäki

o   Rutalahti Mill (Lahti Farm)

Sale of mill products (rye, oats, spelt). Café services by order.

Address: Lahdentilantie 40, 41710 Rutalahti

o   Leivonmäki Knives – Teuvo Savolainen

Handmade knives. Knive making workshops and presentations.

Address: Salmelanniementie 42, 41770 Leivonmäki

o   Röykkälä Organic Farm and Lomaleivo

Rental cabins in the National Park. A sheep farm with original countryside livestyle, rate Rygja sheeps, sheep products and felting classes for groups 3-10 people. Open all year, call and check beforehand!

Address: Harjulahdentie 760, 41730 Kivisuo

o   Mäkiahon Juustola

Farm producing cheece products. Farm shop open daily during the summer, at other time by agreement.

Address: Mäkiahontie 8, 41770 Leivonmäki

o   Tommola’s Plant and Berry Farm

Sales of diverse stock of plants. Show garden of perennial flowers. Sales of strawberries, bush berries, apples and plums. Open between 1.5. – 30.9.

Address: Tallimäentie 82, 41770 Leivonmäki

o   Kivijärvi Farm

Farm where cows graze on natural state meadows that are regionally recognized as traditional landscape. Restored water mill.

Address: Myllypirtintie 78, 41770

o   Niinistönmäki Garden Farm

Sales of apples, plums, cherries, gooseberries, raspberries, sea buckthorn, currants and strawberries. Possible to see horses and other farm animals.

o   Sorsa’s House

Sculptures made by chainsaw. Old peasant farm milieu.


-          Accommodation services

o   Lomaleivo and Röykkälä Organic Farm

Rental cottages in the National Park.

Address: Harjulahdentie 760, 41730 Kivisuo

Email: viola.fredin@pp.inet.fi

Phone: +358 (0)40 7294 134+358 (0)40 7294 134

o   Rutasen lomamökit

Well-equipped holiday cottages with sauna by order. Possibility for hiking and fishing all year round.

Address: Kivisuontie 15840, 41710 Rutalahti

Email: lilja.rutanen@rutasenlomamokit.fi

Phone: +358 (0)40 578 8126+358 (0)40 578 8126

o   Vanha Vartiamäen Tila

Two cosy holiday homes close to the National Park. Traditional, no electricity ‘Haukiranta’ log cottage available from spring to autumn and well-equipped ‘Tähtitalvikki cottage for all year round use.

Address:Vartiamäentie 566, 19920

Email: kosonen.marianne@gmail.com

Phone: +358 (0)40 708 4441+358 (0)40 708 4441 or +358 (0)40 564 9114+358 (0)40 564 9114

o   Kaukolan lomamökit

Cosy and well-equipped cottages for rent all year round.

Address: Kaukolantie 85, 41710 Rutalahti

Email: anja.nieminen@pp.inet.fi

Phone: +358 (0)14 876 134(0)14 876 134